Worship at peace

You can worship in-person or online! 

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Peace uses the 14-day rolling positivity rate to determine our ability to worship in-person. When the rate is below 8% in Cass County, we will worship in-person (online also available). Please wear a mask if you have not been vaccinated and distance between households during the service.

You can find the 14-day rolling positivity rate on the North Dakota Health website (be sure to select 'Cass County'): ND HEALTH

You can find Peace's Worship Services on facebook or YouTube

Throughout the pandemic worship will continue to be offered online. Streamed live on Facebook at 10am and uploaded later to YouTube. 

WOrship With US

We pray that whether you are in the building or in your home, you feel Christ's presence with you. 

Sundays & Wednesdays


Sunday School (pre-k through 4th grade): 9 AM

Worship: 10 AM


Confirmation (8th & 9th grade): 6:30 PM

Friends in Faith (5th-7th grade): 6:30 PM

High School Youth Group (8th-12th grade): 7:30 PM


In Matthew 28, Jesus gives us the command to go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Jesus himself was baptized in Matthew 3, preparing the way for all of us who were to follow after him.

One thing that can sometimes be confusing to others is why we (Christians of the ELCA) affirm and practice infant baptism. In Mark 10:13-16, Jesus instructs his followers to let the little children come to him. All who desire to be baptized or have their children baptized are invited to call the church office to set up a time for us to celebrate this sacrament together.


We welcome all those who have been baptized and instructed. For our congregation, the age of First Communion instruction is 9 years old, and is celebrated on Maundy Thursday (the Thursday of Holy Week, before Easter Sunday).

Ultimately though, eating at the Lord's table is between you and God. We can only share the means of God's grace, and let God do the rest. When we say all are welcome, this is an important part of that welcome.