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Friends in Faith (FIF) : for grades 5-7

Confirmation : for grades 8-9

1st Wednesday : WoW + Service Project (6:00-7:30) 

2nd Wednesday: Wow + Classroom Learning (6:00-7:30)

3rd-5th Wednesdays: Worship learning (6:00-6:45)

Each Wednesday, FIF and Confirmation students will grow in faith and in their relationships:
with God, with the Church community, and with each other
during our W.o.W. (Worship on Wednesday) service.
This worship service is experiential, cross-generational, and a lot of fun.

Twice a month, there are FIF and Confirmation gatherings following W.o.W.

High School Youth Group

*No set schedule for meeting times-please check in here for updates! If you would like to be involved, please call the church so that we have your contact info and can include you in all updates and planned activities!

*Geared towards 8th-12th graders

*Small group gatherings

*Movie nights

*Bible studies

*Grabbing coffee