God's call to serve

In Matthew 10 (and Luke 9 and Mark 6!), Jesus sends out his 12 apostles, giving them authority over unclean spirits and instructing them to heal every illness. As a part of our present discipleship, we recognize that this wasn't just a one-time sending, but that Jesus sends every generation out to serve, heal, and proclaim that the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Through ministry groups, education and training, and fellowship opportunities, Peace works together to serve as God's hands and feet. 

Over Christmas break, 2016, this team from Peace Lutheran Church drove to Juarez, Mexico to build a house. We partnered with the organization Casas por Cristo. It was an amazing experience, a blessing for us all. Please contact Pastor Josh or the church office if you have any questions about joining our team for the next mission.

children & youth ministries

Current C/Y Happenings

Sunday School

* Every Sunday at 9 AM during the school year

* Pre-k through 4th grade

* Sunday school education aims to teach our kids about the bible and the different aspects of what it means to be a Christian. These topics include prayer, reading the bible, different parts of worship, and how they too are individually known by God

Friends in Faith

* Meets every Wednesday at 7 PM during the school year

* 5th-7th graders

* This program is specifically geared towards continuing the education the youth received in Sunday school, but with a pre-teen emphasis. Topics are culturally relevant, as well as specific to what youth experience at home, in school, and in their day-to-day living


* Meets every Wednesday at 7 PM during the school year

* 8th-9th graders

* As a church that affirms infant baptism, the two years of Confirmation instruction are done in order to prepare our youth for their Affirmation of Baptism Sunday--or, Confirmation Sunday. On that day, they will take on the baptismal promises made on their behalf by their parents and sponsors, and be considered full adult members of the church.

High School Youth Group

* No set schedule for meeting times--please check in here for updates! If you would like to be involved, please call the church so that we have your contact info and can include you in all updates and planned activities!

* Geared towards 8th-12th grade students

* Small group gatherings

* Movie nights

* Planning for and participation in the ELCA's National Youth Gathering

* Bible Studies

* CROP Walk

* FM Homeless & Hungry

* Grabbing coffee

Adult Ministries

From preparing and serving meals at the Dorothy Day Hospitality House (Social Ministry), to preparing and serving Communion (Altar Guild), there are a variety of ministries for the awesome adults at Peace. Come back soon for more details on each ministry, and who to contact!

~ Sunday School Teachers

~ Peace Rocks Our World

~ Men's Coffee

~ Confirmation and FiF partners

~ Mission Quilters

~ Social Ministry

~ Fellowship

~ Buildings & Grounds

~ Altar Guild

~ Stewardship

~ Evangelical Outreach

~ Communications

~ Church Foundation